An completely bonkers plan to offer Mars a synthetic magnetosphere


A torus of charged particles might give Mars a magnetic discipline. Credit: Ruth Bamford

Terraforming Mars is among the nice desires of humanity. Mars has loads going for it. Its day is about the identical size as Earth’s, it has loads of frozen water just below its floor, and it possible may very well be given a fairly breathable ambiance in time. But one of many issues it lacks is a robust magnetic discipline. So if we need to make Mars a second Earth, we’ll have to offer it a synthetic one.

The cause magnetic fields are so vital is that they protect a planet from solar wind and ionizing particles. Earth’s magnetic discipline prevents most high-energy charged particles from reaching the floor. Instead, they’re deflected from Earth, protecting us protected. The magnetic discipline additionally prevents solar winds from stripping Earth’s ambiance over time. Early Mars had a thick, water-rich ambiance, nevertheless it was regularly depleted with out the safety of a robust magnetic discipline.

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Unfortunately, we will not simply recreate Earth’s magnetic discipline on Mars. Our discipline is generated by a dynamo impact in Earth’s core, the place the convection of iron alloys generates Earth’s geomagnetic discipline. The inside of Mars is smaller and cooler, and we will not merely “start it up” to create a magnetic dynamo. But there are a couple of methods we are able to create a synthetic magnetic discipline, as a current examine exhibits.

Ideas for producing a Martian magnetic discipline have been proposed earlier than, and often contain both ground-based or orbital solenoids that create some primary degree of magnetic safety. In the TV sequence “The Expanse,” you may see a few scenes the place you catch a glimpse of them. While this newest examine acknowledges that may work, it proposes a fair higher resolution.

As the examine factors out, if you need a very good planetary magnetic field, what you actually need is a robust circulation of charged particles, both throughout the planet or across the planet. Since the previous is not an ideal possibility for Mars, the staff appears on the latter. It seems you may create a hoop of charged particles round Mars, due to its moon Phobos.

Phobos is the bigger of the 2 Martian moons, and it orbits the planet fairly intently—so intently that it makes a visit round Mars each eight hours. So the staff proposes utilizing Phobos by ionizing particles from its floor, then accelerating them so that they create a plasma torus alongside the orbit of Phobos. This would create a magnetic field sturdy sufficient to guard a terraformed Mars.

It’s a daring plan, and whereas it appears achievable, the engineering hurdles can be vital. But because the authors level out, that is the time for concepts. Start interested by the issues we have to clear up, and the way we are able to clear up them, so when humanity does attain Mars, we might be able to put the very best concepts to the take a look at.

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More info:
R.A. Bamford et al, How to create a synthetic magnetosphere for Mars, Acta Astronautica (2021). DOI: 10.1016/j.actaastro.2021.09.023

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