Best tripods 2021: For astrophotography, landscape, and more


It pays to have one of the best tripods to hand when you’re capturing images of the night sky. These bits of kit help keep your camera steady when you’re taking your long-exposure shots. Without one, you’ll find that your images become blurred by tiny vibrations from yourself or your surroundings. Even the best cameras for astrophotography can be adversely by this shakiness, which is why you really need a tripod if you’re trying to capture things like the Milky Way.

When choosing the best tripod, the most important factors to consider are weight, stability, portability and price point. The majority of the so-called ‘travel tripods’ are lightweight and typically made from either carbon fiber or aluminum. Carbon fiber is much lighter than aluminum but is also more expensive. With the smaller and more compact models, the difference in weight between the two materials is almost negligible but the bigger the tripod, the more important it becomes. Another key difference to consider is that aluminum gets much colder than carbon fiber which can impact the handling and functioning at colder night temperatures. 

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