Blood Clots Caused by E-cigarettes Containing Nicotine


The blood pressure and the heart rate of the volunteers were monitored and their blood samples were also collected. The circulation of blood was also monitored using laser tests and the results showed that an average of 23% increase of blood clots were seen after 15 minutes use of e-cigarettes.

The heart rate of the volunteers also increased from 66beats/minute to 73beats/minute. The blood pressure increased from 108mmHg to 117mmHg. Studies also showed that the blood vessels became temporarily narrow after use of nicotine E-cigarettes.

The same effect was not seen among volunteers who used e-cigarettes without nicotine. The nicotine mainly increases the levels of the adrenaline hormone which in turn boost the formation of blood clots.

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Dr Lyytinen – clinician at Helsingborg Hospital said that: “Our results suggest that using e-cigarettes that contain nicotine have similar impacts on the body as smoking traditional cigarettes. This effect on blood clots is important because we know that in the long-term this can lead to clogged up and narrower blood vessels, and that of course puts people at risk of heart attacks and strokes.”

More study is required to understand the link between e-cigarettes and blood clots in blood vessels.

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