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Blood Donation in Pets: Myths and Facts Revealed

Anushka Iyer, Founder and CEO of Wiggles.in, says, “Our pets face life-threatening situations too. In some cases, they require an urgent blood transfusion. But they can only receive blood if another pet donates. Blood transfusion is nothing but transferring a donor’s blood to the recipient to replace any loss of blood and its components. Unfortunately, there’s a general lack of knowledge and a bundle of myths that surround blood donation and blood transfusion in pets. It’s time we increase awareness and educate the entire ecosystem from the grassroot level, so we can save lives.”

Myth: Blood donation is painful for pets

Fact: Blood donation is a painless course of. While we perceive that pet mother and father are involved in regards to the well-being of their pets, this perception is nothing however a delusion. Dismantling this delusion, Dilip Sonune, Director of Veterinary Services at Wiggles.in, says, “The whole process of blood donation is simple and painless. It is always done under the supervision of a vet and the staff. They will ensure that your pet is comfortable in the surroundings and only then they will begin the process. A suitable vein is identified and an IV catheter is then attached to transfer blood to a specialized EDTA blood bag.”

Myth: Blood donation results in weak spot

Fact: This implies that for the subsequent few days, your pet’s immunity is at its peak. To make sure that your pet would not expertise any weak spot, an immunity-boosting tonic can be offered by the vet. After a number of hours of commentary, they’re again of their houses with you, cuddling on the couch.

Myth: Blood donation is time-consuming

Fact: Blood donation barely takes 10 minutes. The blood donation course of on paper appears overwhelming however in actuality, it’s accomplished inside 10 to fifteen minutes. The solely step that may take a while is making certain that your pet is comfy within the scenario. Since every pet is exclusive and has a unique response to new environment, the vets can take a while to assist them settle fully. But as soon as that is achieved, the precise technique of donating blood will get over in 10 minutes. And after a number of different steps, your pet is nice to return house!

Myth: Pets can donate solely to their very own breed

Fact: Pets can donate to anybody of their species. Pets do not discriminate even in terms of blood donation. Another prevailing delusion amongst pet mother and father is {that a} Golden Retriever can solely donate to a different Golden Retriever. They imagine that breeds can donate amongst themselves. But that is removed from the reality. Your pets, identical to you, can donate to their species simply. Dogs can donate to all of the canine and cats can donate to all of the cats (if their blood sort is a match.) But it needs to be famous that canine cannot donate to cats and vice-versa. The purpose being, they’ve fully completely different blood varieties and there’s no compatibility as effectively. Your pets also can donate to streeties who want blood. They may be affected by tick fever or could have met with an accident with extreme blood loss. Such instances could require rescuers to search for pressing blood donors and since pets are vaccinated, dewormed and wholesome, they make for the right donors.

Myth: Pets who’ve recovered from tick fever can not donate

Fact: Pets who’ve recovered from tick fever can donate. It’s fully false {that a} pet who has recovered from tick fever can by no means donate blood. A pet is eligible for blood donation after 6 months of restoration from tick fever. In truth, they’re a greater match for a pet or streetie who’s affected by tick fever because the donor pet can have the antibodies that may solely strengthen the recipient’s struggle towards this lethal illness.

It’s time we glance past myths to save lots of pets and streeties and help them to stay an extended, stunning and comfortable life by registering them as blood donors underneath the #BondedByBlood initiative the place Wiggles.in is attempting to create a web based repository of prepared donor pets. This method every pet and streetie can have an opportunity to struggle towards the percentages.

Source: IANS

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