Bone Marrow Factors Behind Cardiovascular Diseases


The research crew explored this side for formulations of latest methods for optimum cardiovascular well being.

It was discovered that hallmarks of cardiovascular illnesses — hypertension, atherosclerosis, and the prevalence of a coronary heart assault every could cause modifications within the variety of blood vessels within the bone marrow.

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This additional impacts the discharge of bone marrow elements and regulation of white blood cell manufacturing and migration.

“As a consequence, more white blood cells were available in the body, and this increase, called leukocytosis, propels inflammation everywhere, including in the arteries and the heart. This study will allow us to now examine how to reduce white blood cell production to normal values, thereby cooling off inflamed plaques anywhere in the body,” says senior creator Matthias Nahrendorf, MD, PhD, an investigator in MGH’s Center for Systems Biology and a professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School.

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