Brains Immune Cells May Promise New Treatment for Epilepsy


Many anti-seizure medication don’t render remedy efficacy in roughly one-third of epilepsy sufferers. This requires the necessity for correct remedy to deal with epilepsy.

‘Seizure-related mind accidents which may be handled by a restore course of within the mind have been found. This paves the way in which for brand spanking new promising therapies towards epilepsy in close to future.

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Immune Response after Seizure

The examine group used high-powered imaging – superior imaging method known as two-photon microscopy to look at the motion of the mind’s immune cells (microglia) after seizures.

It was discovered that the microglia weren’t simply concerned in clearing waste and broken materials from the mind however have been additionally concerned in therapeutic the broken neurons after experimental seizures.

“There has been mounting generic support for the idea that microglia could be used to ameliorate seizures, but direct, visualized evidence for how they could do this has been lacking. Our results indicate that microglia may not be simply clearing debris but providing structural support for neuronal integrity that may have implications even beyond the scope of seizures and epilepsy,” says researcher Ukpong B. Eyo, Ph.D., of UVA’s Department of Neuroscience, the UVA Brain Institute and UVA’s Center for Brain Immunology and Glia (BIG).

These new insights on the mind’s immune response pave the way in which for new promising therapies towards epilepsy in close to future. However the detailed mechanism is but to be explored.

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