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Can Being Stressed Treat Dementia?

had been the principle element of this mechanism. The current research efficiently detected the protein misfolding in dwell cells utilizing the fluorescence approach.

Little stress may be good for you — typically stated traces are actually strengthened by the current research as they uncover a brand new mechanism that helps reverse the build-up of aggregates, not by eliminating them, however somewhat by ‘refolding’ them.

Stress Effects on Dementia

“Just like when we get stressed by a heavy workload, so, too, cells can get ‘stressed’ if they’re called upon to produce a large amount of proteins. There are many reasons why this might be, for example when they are producing antibodies in response to an infection. We focused on stressing a component of cells known as the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), which is responsible for producing around a third of our proteins – and assumed that this stress might cause misfolding,” says Dr. Edward from the University of Cambridge.

The crew thus hypothesized that stressing the ER may result in protein misfolding and aggregation by diminishing its means to operate appropriately, resulting in elevated aggregation. However, to their shock, the reverse was found to be true.

“We were astonished to find that stressing the cell actually eliminated the aggregates – not by degrading them or clearing them out, but by unravelling the aggregates, potentially allowing them to refold correctly. If we can find a way of awakening this mechanism without stressing the cells – which could cause more damage than good – then we might be able to find a way of treating some dementias,” says Dr. Avezov.

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