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Can Blood Thinners Save Lives of COVID-19 Patients Largely?

“We know that COVID-19 causes blood clots that can kill patients,” mentioned lead creator SamehHozayen, MD, MSC, an assistant professor of medication on the U of M Medical School. “But, do blood thinners save lives in COVID-19? Blood thinners are medications prescribed to prevent blood clots in patients with a prior blood clot in their lungs or legs. They also prevent blood clots in the brain secondary to abnormal heart rhythms, like atrial fibrillation. Blood thinners are the standard of treatment in these diseases, which is why we looked at data to see if it impacted hospitalizations related to COVID-19.”

“We already know that overwhelmed hospitals have a higher risk for death among their patients, so reducing hospitalization may have a positive impact during a COVID-19 surge,” Hozayen mentioned.

Meanwhile, a examine printed in Clinical Medicine and open-access platform of LANCET says
sufferers who’ve already prescribed blood thinners for his or her medical circumstances are much less more likely to get hospitalized for COVID-19 regardless of being older, and affected by continual medical circumstances in comparison with their counterparts.

Conclusively, blood thinners, cut back deaths by virtually 50% no matter whether or not sufferers had been utilizing blood thinners earlier than COVID-19 an infection or after.

More importantly, blood thinners benefited the hospitalized sufferers with COVID-19, no matter the dosage ranges provided.

“Unfortunately, about half of patients who are being prescribed blood thinners for blood clots in their legs, lungs, abnormal heart rhythms, or other reasons, do not take them. By increasing adherence for people already prescribed blood thinners, we can potentially reduce the bad effects of COVID-19,” Hozayen mentioned.
“At M Health Fairview and most centers around the world now, there are protocols for starting blood thinners when patients are first admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 — as it is a proven vital treatment option. Outside of COVID-19, the use of blood thinners is proven to be lifesaving for those with blood coagulation conditions.”

Further, subsequently, the examine progresses to make it possible for the outcomes are concurrent and constant for different medical facilities in different components of the world, and different demographical populace additionally, with out being restricted to Caucasians or the hospitalization setups within the superior nations just like the USA or Switzerland.

Current analysis is on to seek out out the leads to healthcare amenities in Egypt, smaller hospitals, and in diversified populations world wide.

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