Cancer Treatment Stops Immune Response to COVID-19 Vaccination


Patients with most cancers who obtain chemotherapy like CDK4/6 inhibitors and therapies focused at B cells, could mount an insufficient immune response to COVID-19 vaccination. The findings are printed in Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Innovation, Quality & Outcomes.

“It is important for patients with cancer who are receiving chemotherapy to receive a COVID-19 vaccine,” says Saranya Chumsri, M.D., a Mayo Clinic hematologist and oncologist, and creator of the paper.

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Dr. Chumsri says this recommendation additionally applies to sufferers with most cancers who’re taking a CDK 4/6 inhibitors. These inhibitors are a more recent class of medicines used to deal with hormone-receptor-positive and HER2-negative breast cancers.

Dr. Chumsri says that whereas CDK 4/6 inhibitors will not be conventionally thought of to be as immunosuppressive as chemotherapy, her analysis on sufferers with breast most cancers who take these medication discovered that they exhibited much less optimum neutralizing antibody exercise.

Dr. Chumsri recommends that antibody ranges be examined in these sufferers after vaccination, and they need to contemplate receiving booster vaccinations for COVID-19.

Dr. Chumsri anticipates having further information later this yr relating to broader immune responses to COVID-19 vaccinations, together with mobile and antibody responses in sufferers receiving chemotherapy and focused therapies with booster vaccinations.

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