Chinese Father Trying to Prepare Medicine to Treat Two Year Son


“I didn’t really have time to think about whether to do it or not. It had to be done,” the 30-year-old informed AFP from his DIY lab in a high-rise house constructing in southwestern Kunming.

Haoyang has Menkes Syndrome, a genetic dysfunction that impacts how copper — which is essential for mind and nervous system growth — is processed within the physique.

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Sufferers of this genetic dysfunction not often survive past the age of three.

“Even though Xu cannot move or speak, he has a soul and feels emotions,” he mentioned, holding Haoyang in his lap to present him honey combined in water.

The solely remedy that would assist ease signs was not out there in China. So, he started researching and educating himself prescribed drugs.

“My friends and family were against it. They said it was impossible”, he remembers.

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