Combination of Rifampicin and Resveratrol to Treat Dementia


“To combat the negative side effects of the existing drug rifampicin, we thought of combining it with the hepatoprotective effects of resveratrol,” illustrates Professor Takami Tomiyama, who acted as lead investigator for the present examine.

The analysis group administered a set dose mixture of rifampicin and resveratrol intranasally 5 days every week for a total of 4 weeks to mice fashions of Alzheimer’s illness, frontotemporal dementia, and dementia with Lewy our bodies, and noticed their cognitive features and mind pathology.

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The mixture considerably improved the cognitive operate of the mice, inhibited the buildup of oligomers, and restored synaptophysin ranges – presynaptic proteins that facilitate synapses.

Additionally, blood ranges of liver enzymes, a marker of hepatic harm that usually will increase with rifampicin, remained regular within the fixed-dose mixture.

Furthermore, elevated ranges of brain-derived neurotrophic issue (BDNF) expression have been noticed within the hippocampus, which was not seen with rifampicin alone. These outcomes point out that this fixed-dose mixture is superior to rifampicin alone by way of each security and efficacy.

The outcomes of this examine have been revealed within the Swiss scientific journal Frontiers in Neuroscience.

“The number of patients with dementia has been increasing all over the world, with some sources predicting a doubling of patients every 20 years. However, there is still no effective treatment for the disease,” states Specially Appointed Lecturer Tomohiro Umeda, first creator of the examine.

“Recent studies have shown that abnormalities begin to appear in the brains of dementia patients more than 20 years before the onset of the disease.”

By investigating new therapeutic functions with current medicine in a course of known as drug repositioning, the analysis crew hopes to diagnose and forestall dementia earlier than the neurons begin dying.

Furthermore, based mostly on the crew’s earlier analysis expertise, nasal administration of a set dose mixture of rifampicin and resveratrol would improve drug transferability to the mind and additional improve each security and medicinal results.

The dosage used on this examine was 0.02 mg of rifampicin per mouse per day, or 1 mg/kg/day, assuming a mouse weight of 20g.

“Converted to a human dosage based on body surface area, it becomes 0.081 mg/kg/day,” states Prof. Tomiyama, “currently, rifampicin is prescribed at 10 mg/kg/day as an antibiotic, and compared to this, we confirmed an effect at a much lower dosage.”

The improvement of a fixed-dose mixture of rifampicin and resveratrol nasal spray is at the moment being carried out by Medilabo RFP, a enterprise firm originating from the analysis crew’s laboratory.

Following the publication of this paper, Medilabo RFP has begun preparations for international medical trials. In November 2021, with the assist of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Medilabo RFP has established a subsidiary in Massachusetts, USA.

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