Covid-19 can Cause Microscopic Damage to Lungs


is a symptom within the majority of lengthy Covid sufferers, but it surely has been unclear whether or not that is linked to different elements equivalent to adjustments in respiratory patterns, tiredness, or one thing extra basic, the report mentioned.

According to Dr Emily Fraser, a advisor at Oxford college hospitals and a co-author of the research, the most recent findings are the primary proof that underlying lung well being could possibly be impaired, the report mentioned.

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“It is the first study to demonstrate lung abnormalities in [people with long Covid] who are breathless and where other investigations are unremarkable,” mentioned Fraser. “It does suggest the virus is causing some kind of persistent abnormality within the microstructure of the lungs or in the pulmonary vasculature.”

More work can be required to make clear the scientific significance of the findings, she added, together with how the obvious abnormalities relate to breathlessness, the report mentioned.

Claire Steves, a scientific senior lecturer at King’s College London who was not concerned within the work, mentioned the findings can be of great curiosity to anybody dwelling with long-term breathlessness after Covid.

“They suggest that the efficiency of the lung in doing what it is meant to do, exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen – may be compromised, even though the structure of the lung appears normal,” she mentioned.

Source: IANS

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