COVID-19 Pandemic Causes Detrimental Effect on Kids’ Mental Health


“While people often say children are resilient, our data demonstrate the significant impact the pandemic has had on children’s mental health. Many children will recover once the current circumstances improve. However, for many, experiences of the pandemic will have lasting effect on their mental health without appropriate support for their emotional recovery,” stated lead Professor Graham Moore, Deputy Director of DECIPHer.

The research, nevertheless, confirmed that regardless of the heavy emotional toll attributable to lockdowns and residential studying, most youngsters remained nicely related to their main faculties, score relationships with workers positively.

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In a web based survey, which included Class 6 pupils from 76 faculties in Wales, 90 per cent kids stated they felt cared for and accepted by their academics, whereas 80 per cent trusted their academics and agreed that there was not less than one grownup in class they’ll discuss to about issues that fear them.

“The relationships between teachers and their pupils remained consistently strong … demonstrating the vital role education professionals have played for young people during the pandemic,” Moore stated.

“It’s plausible that if teachers and support staff hadn’t done such a good job of connecting with their pupils in this way, we would be dealing with an even greater mental health crisis among our children,” he added.

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