COVID-19 Vaccination Does Not Affect Fertility or Early Pregnancy


“This is one of the largest studies to review fertility and IVF cycle outcomes in patients who received COVID-19 vaccinations. The study found no significant differences in response to ovarian stimulation, egg quality, embryo development, or pregnancy outcomes between the vaccinated compared to unvaccinated patients,” stated Devora A. Aharon, MD, first creator of the research. Dr. Aharon is a fellow in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Icahn Mount Sinai and RMA of New York.

The research concerned sufferers whose eggs had been collected from the ovaries and fertilized by sperm in a laboratory, creating embryos that had been frozen and later thawed and transferred to the womb and sufferers who underwent medical therapy to stimulate the event of eggs.

The two teams of sufferers who underwent frozen-thawed embryo switch—214 vaccinated and 733 unvaccinated—had comparable charges of being pregnant and early being pregnant loss.

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The two teams of sufferers who underwent ovarian stimulation—222 vaccinated and 983 unvaccinated—had comparable charges of eggs retrieved, fertilization, and embryos with regular numbers of chromosomes, amongst a number of different measures.

“By leveraging science and big data, we can help reassure patients of reproductive age and enable them to make the best decisions for themselves. It will give people comfort to know that the COVID-19 vaccine does not affect their reproductive potential,” stated senior creator Alan B. Copperman, MD, FACOG, division director and scientific professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive science at Icahn Mount Sinai and director of RMA of New York, which is acknowledged internationally as a number one heart of reproductive drugs.

The sufferers within the research had been handled at RMA of New York between February and September 2021. Patients present process IVF therapy are carefully tracked, enabling the researchers to seize early knowledge on the implantation of embryos along with being pregnant losses that is likely to be undercounted in different research.

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