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Do You Wear Masks the Right Way?

“Many people do not realize that the fit of face masks can vary. There are different face shapes and different sizes of masks,” mentioned Rupak Banerjee, a professor in UC’s Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

The group used three different-sized N95 face masks from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health hooked up to a few different-sized model heads recognized as small, medium, and enormous. Using Computerized Tomography (CT), they created a 3D computer-aided design mannequin. The gaps between the masks and the face of every dummy head had been calculated.

The key findings from their evaluation are,

• The airflow charge by means of the gaps of loose-fitting masks contributed from 30% to 95% of aerosol transport.

• The air leaks had been across the nostril more often than not.

• The worst-fitting masks can scale back masking energy and double the an infection threat to the wearers and folks round them.

Banerjee is the additionally the editor of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering Journal of Medical Devices. He mentioned that the group would have a particular situation quickly about pandemic-response medical units , together with face masks and face shields.

“We’re still not sure how effective the vaccine is on the variants. So, it’s a good idea to continue wearing masks in gatherings for now,” he added.

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