Do Your Sleep Habits Trigger Migraines?


Living with migraines generally is a vicious cycle of stress, ache, and poor sleep. That’s not good, since lack of shuteye could make you as much as eight instances extra prone to have one among these complications. The excellent news is that you could find methods to get higher relaxation — and hold the ache at bay.

Migraines and Sleep

Sleep issues and migraines typically are linked. If you don’t get sufficient relaxation, or in case you get up typically, you could have extra complications they usually may harm worse. Get greater than 8 hours an evening and it may have the identical impact.

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Treating your specific sleep drawback might assist your complications. Ask your physician what you are able to do. Some medicine have unintended effects that may make you drowsy; others make you hyper. If you employ an over-the-counter sleep or ache reliever headache too typically you can get what’s known as a rebound headache — the place the medication dulls your ache for some time, however the migraine comes proper again when it wears off.



Stay on Schedule

You might have fewer or much less painful migraines in case you eat, drink, sleep, and get up on the similar time each day. Stay on schedule as a lot as attainable. If you drink espresso or sodas with caffeine, drink the identical quantity every day or keep away from them altogether.

Sleep and Headache Treatments

You can strive prescription or over-the-counter medicine to assist together with your sleep issues. Alternative remedies like cognitive-behavioral remedy, leisure methods, yoga, or dietary supplements might assist ease migraines in addition to any stress that may even be maintaining you awake.


Caffeine may provide help to deal with your migraines, however it may well additionally hold you awake. Some migraine medicines comprise caffeine. Keep your consumption the identical every day, even in case you don’t have any in any respect.


Better remedies for migraines and sleep issues may very well be on the way in which. Researchers are engaged on medicine that may hold the variety of complications down. And they’re trying right into a gene linked to poor sleep and migraines in some folks.


If you don’t sleep properly or lengthy sufficient, you could attempt to nap through the day to make up for it. But that may make it more durable to sleep at night time — and set off extra complications. If it’s important to nap, do it earlier than 3 p.m. and restrict it to half-hour.

Good Sleep Habits

Aim for 7 to eight hours of sleep every night time. You can management some issues that will hold you from falling or staying asleep.


  • Go to mattress once you’re able to sleep. Don’t lie there and watch TV or learn. You might get used to mendacity awake in your mattress as a substitute. When you get up within the morning, get away from bed.
  • Sleep solely in your mattress, not in a chair or in your sofa.
  • Set a schedule for once you go to mattress and get up. Stick to this routine as a lot as attainable.
  • Use your mattress for sleep and intercourse solely.
  • Cover your clock or flip it away from you. That means you don’t look on the clock to see the time and fear about being awake.
  • Get common train. Don’t work out too near your bedtime; this will make it arduous to go to sleep. Exercise may additionally provide help to forestall or ease migraines.
  • Make your bed room as quiet as attainable to dam out noise that might wake you up. Earplugs will help block out sounds.
  • Keep your bed room at a gentle temperature. If it’s too sizzling or chilly you received’t sleep as properly.
  • Don’t go to mattress too hungry or too full. If you want one thing to eat earlier than bedtime, have a light-weight snack.
  • Don’t drink a variety of fluids earlier than mattress so that you received’t stand up through the night time to go to the toilet.
  • Avoid alcohol or smoking, particularly earlier than bedtime. You might imagine they’ll calm down you, however they’ll make you get up in the midst of the night time.
  • If you possibly can’t return to sleep inside quarter-hour, get away from bed. Go into one other room to learn a e book so you possibly can calm down and turn out to be drowsy once more. Don’t watch TV or take a look at your pc or cellphone. You might discover it more durable to go to sleep in case you do.

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