Glass Tumbler Found Inside a Vagina: A Peculiar Case

Glass Tumbler Found Inside a Vagina: A Peculiar Case

On seeing the scan, the doctors were shocked to see a glass tumbler getting stuck inside an 8-cm bladder stone in the vagina itself. The tumbler has been there in her vagina along with bladder stones in her urethra.

The quadragenarian later revealed that the woman had used the drinking glass for sexual pleasure four years ago, according to a New York Post report and the bizzare case was later published in the journal Science Direct.

It describes such substances as “intra-vesicular foreign bodies,” suggesting that the purpose often associated with their presence in the bladder is of sexual or erotic nature.

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The Tunisian woman later revealed how a glass tumbler got into her. In a talk, she told the medical team and her personal medical expert that she had used a sex toy 4 years ago to insert the glass cup into his urethra and it was stuck there at that time. She thought that it would come out soon but she was not exactly sure what was going on. The medical team even questioned their books on how it really got stuck there.

The doctors at Habib Bourguiba University Hospital in Tunisian city of Sfax had to perform a cystolithotomy — a type of open surgery used to remove the bladder stone. But the woman did not confirm this claim and now, she is healthy.

The details of the case and pictures of the glass tumbler and bladder stone were written, and her attempt to make a “urethral sound” went awry. The medical report says that this has become a very serious problem because hundreds of people take toys for themselves to play with, but most of the time they are reluctant to seek medical help because the toys get stuck in them. As a result, it becomes a major problem that shakes even medical professionals. Well, the pictures are available on the internet so that you can watch them too.

Too many patients insert foreign bodies into their bladder and, to make matters worse, prevent embarrassment from seeking medical advice. Bladder stones are hard masses of minerals that form in the body when they are not completely excreted from the bladder. Doctors have seen them grow around foreign objects found inside the body.

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