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Green hydrogen: Nanostructured nickel silicide shines as a catalyst

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) of the catalytically energetic phase was blended with energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy to map the distribution of Ni (inexperienced), Si (blue), and oxygen (pink) throughout the core-shell buildings. Credit: P. Menezes /HZB/TU Berlin

Electrolysis could also be a well-recognized concept from chemistry lessons in school: Two electrodes are immersed in water and put beneath voltage. This voltage causes water molecules to interrupt down into their components, and gasoline bubbles rise on the electrodes: Oxygen gasoline varieties on the anode, whereas hydrogen bubbles variety on the cathode. Electrolysis might produce hydrogen in a CO2-neutral method—as long as the required electrical power is generated by fossil free vitality varieties comparable to sun or wind.

The solely disadvantage is that these reactions often aren’t very atmosphere pleasant and intensely gradual. To velocity up the reactions, catalysts are used, primarily based totally on treasured and unusual metals comparable to platinum, ruthenium or iridium. For large-scale use, nonetheless, such catalysts ought to embody broadly accessible and actually low value parts.

Chemically induced nanostructures

To velocity up the oxygen evolution response on the anode, nickel-based provides are considered practically pretty much as good candidates. Nickel is proof against corrosion, hardly toxic and as well as low cost. Until now, nonetheless, energy-intensive high-temperature processes have been largely used to supply nickel-based catalyst provides.

A workforce led by Dr. Prashanth Menezes (HZB/TU Berlin) has now found a “soft chemical” technique to provide an atmosphere pleasant catalyst primarily based totally on nickel-silicon intermetallic nanocrystals.

“We combined the element nickel with silicon, the second most in the Earth’s crust, and achieved nanostructuring via a chemical reaction. The resulting material has excellent catalytic properties,” says Menezes. The crystalline Ni2Si served as a precatalyst for the alkaline oxygen evolution response on the anode and undergoes ground transformation to variety nicke(oxy)hydroxide as an lively catalyst beneath working scenario. Remarkably, the was further paired with value added pure oxidation response by which electrosynthesis of industrially invaluable nitrile compounds had been produced from main amines with selective and full conversion beneath light circumstances. Such electrosynthetic methods can improve up the hydrogen period on the cathode and would possibly concurrently current entry to invaluable industrial merchandise on the anode.

More atmosphere pleasant and regular

Compared to trendy catalysts primarily based totally on Nickel, Cobalt, Iron, Ruthenium and Iridium, the nanoporous Ni2Si is significantly additional energetic and stays regular for longer response time at industrial-level circumstances. To understand the habits of Ni2Si in further component, the workforce blended completely totally different measurement methods, along with elemental analyses, and trendy spectroscopic measurements at BESSY II. “In the future, even industrial alkaline water electrolyzers could be equipped with a coating of this nanoporous nickel silicide,” says Menezes.

The evaluation was printed in Advanced Energy Materials.

Carbon-coated nickel enables a hydrogen fuel cell free of precious metals

More information:
Indranil Mondal et al, Nanostructured Intermetallic Nickel Silicide (Pre)Catalyst for Anodic Oxygen Evolution Reaction and Selective Dehydrogenation of Primary Amines, Advanced Energy Materials (2022). DOI: 10.1002/aenm.202200269

Green hydrogen: Nanostructured nickel silicide shines as a catalyst (2022, August 11)
retrieved 11 August 2022

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