Hair Cortisol Test Helps Measure Stress Level During COVID


The study used the samples of a cortisol test of mothers and children taken in 2019 for a previous study and it was compared with a cortisol test conducted in June 2020. The results showed


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‘Hair cortisol test detects stress levels in children and women during the pandemic.’

According to Antje von Suchodoletz- assistant professor “The COVID-19 pandemic has been a global mental health crisis, as well as a physical health crisis. Seeing as the majority of the world’s children live in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), it is imperative to understand the factors that have contributed to their adjustment, as well as the adjustment of their parents, during the pandemic.”

Researchers say that in families experiencing greater disruption , the hair cortisol tests of children and women had increased stress levels.

The psychological and physiological consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic will have a long term effect in children, to overcome this effectively tailored assistance and support should be provided to the family members.

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