How the Beaver Moon lunar eclipse of Nov. 19 has shades of 1967


Our upcoming lunar eclipse has a direct connection to an eclipse that occurred in the late 1960s. There is a reason for this that I will make clear in just a moment. But first, let’s take a look back at that eclipse of more than half a century ago, when a bunch of young people “one-upped” adults in obtaining a view of their celestial quarry. 

It was in the predawn hours of Oct. 18, 1967, that the full moon moved completely into the Earth’s dark umbral shadow, resulting in a total lunar eclipse. The previous year, in cooperation with New York City’s department of parks, the Hayden Planetarium invited the public to Sheep Meadow in Central Park at midnight, to observe the Leonid meteor shower. Although cloudy weather prevailed, some 10,000 persons assembled, listening attentively to a 45-minute talk on astronomy. 

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