Image: Hubble uncovers a burst of star formation


Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, O. Graur; Acknowledgment: L. Shatz

NGC 4666 takes heart stage on this picture from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. This majestic spiral galaxy lies about 80 million light-years away within the constellation Virgo and is present process a very intense episode of star formation. Astronomers check with galaxies that quickly kind stars as starburst galaxies. NGC 4666’s starburst is probably going as a result of gravitational interactions with its unruly neighbors—together with the close by galaxy NGC 4668 and a dwarf galaxy, which is a small galaxy made up of some billion stars.

NGC 4666’s burst of star formation is driving an uncommon type of excessive galactic climate often known as a superwind—a big switch of fuel from the brilliant central coronary heart of the galaxy out into space. This superwind is the results of driving winds from short-lived massive stars fashioned throughout NGC 4666’s starburst in addition to spectacularly energetic supernova explosions. Two supernovae occurred in NGC 4666 inside the final decade—one in 2014 and the opposite in 2019. The star that led to the 2019 supernova was 19 instances as huge as our Sun!

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Though the torrent of superheated fuel emanating from NGC 4666 is actually huge in scale—extending for tens of hundreds of light-years—it’s invisible on this picture. The superwind’s extraordinarily excessive temperature makes it stand out as a luminous plume in X-ray or radio observations, nevertheless it would not present up on the visible wavelengths imaged by Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3.

Image: Hubble sees a stellar furnace

Image: Hubble uncovers a burst of star formation (2021, October 18)
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