Impact of Dopamine and Placebo on SSRIs


The SSRIs work by influencing the degrees of serotonin within the mind – an efficient medicine for treating despair and anxiousness. However, the examine discovered that dopamine additionally enormously has an influence on the enhancements.

SSRIs and Efficacy

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It is obvious from earlier research that the placebo impact has a serious influence on the anti-anxiety impact of the SSRI drug escitalopram. The current examine, nonetheless, associated the improved drug (SSRI) efficacy to dopamine somewhat than to the serotonin transporters.

“The results showed that almost four times as many patients responded to the treatment when correct information about the drug was given. This is consistent with previous research showing that expectations affect treatment outcome,” says researcher Olof Hjorth, Uppsala University.

In addition, when utilizing the positron emission tomography (PET) mind scan, it was proven that the SSRI drug had the identical impact on serotonin and blocked about 80% of serotonin transporters in examine teams.

“The results indicate that positive expectations arising in the relationship between doctor and patient affect dopamine and enhance the effect of SSRI treatment,” says Professor Tomas Furmark, who led the examine.

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