Impact on Jupiter surprises skywatchers


Harald Paleske in Langendorf, Germany, captured this picture of a vibrant flash of sunshine as one thing impacted Jupiter on September 13, 2021. Io and its shadow are on the left aspect of Jupiter, whereas the flash is to the proper of middle. Image by way of

Photographers seize an influence on Jupiter

Observers across the globe had been shocked on September 13, 2021, after they witnessed an obvious influence on the enormous planet Jupiter. A vibrant flash of sunshine distracted them from their observing goal: an ongoing transit of the shadow of the jovian moon Io throughout the face of Jupiter. A few fortunate astrophotographers managed to snap photographs of the flash.

The picture at high comes from Germany. Harald Paleske advised he was watching the darkish shadow of Io cross onto Jupiter’s floor when the burst of sunshine startled him. He said:

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A vibrant flash of sunshine shocked me. It might solely be an influence.

Paleske had been taking a video of the transit of Io’s shadow when the occasion occurred. He regarded over his video frames, trying to find a satellite or airplane which may have proven up as the intense patch. But he discovered no proof that the occasion occurred near Earth or that’s he’d witnessed an earthly evente with Jupiter as mere backdrop. He timed the occasion as taking place at 22:39:27 UTC on September 13 and lasting for 2 seconds.

Another astronomer, José Luis Pereira of Brazil, additionally captured the flash from the influence. ESA Operations tweeted his photograph by way of Flickr.

A French astrophotographer, J.P. Arnould, additionally captured the stunning occasion.

What hit Jupiter?

It’s too quickly to know, however a comet or asteroid can be the almost certainly culprits. As mentioned:

An asteroid within the 100-meter dimension vary (about 300 ft) would do the trick.

Skywatchers with telescopes from all components of Earth are poised to view Jupiter following the influence. They’re hoping to identify a darkish mark or non permanent scar ensuing from the influence. That’s what occurred through the best-known impacts on Jupiter, which occurred in July of 1994. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 blazed a path straight towards Jupiter. Professional observatories had been able to catch the ensuing collision. Shoemaker-Levy 9 left a whole path of particles throughout the gas giant planet, as Jupiter’s intense tidal forces tore it to items.

A line of brown dots along southern hemisphere of Jupiter.
Brown spots mark the locations the place fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 tore by way of Jupiter’s environment in July 1994. Image by way of Wikimedia Commons.

Bottom line: An influence on Jupiter on September 13, 2021 has stargazers trying skyward to see if they will spot any lingering proof of the occasion.

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