Know-How Paralyzed Man Directly Tweeted His Thoughts


O’Keefe received the brain implant in April 2020.


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The brain chip was inserted through the jugular vein to avoid an invasive brain procedure. Since then, he was able to interact with his close ones through e-mail and simple computer-based games like Solitaire.

It only took four hours for the implant to be used after being inserted.

O’Keefe tweeted “No need for keystrokes or voices. I created this tweet just by thinking it.” The tweet was posted to the account of Synchron CEO, Thomas Oxley.

He also expressed that the system is astonishing, and it is like learning to ride a bike. It takes practice, but once you’re rolling, it becomes natural.

Now, he is just thinking about where on the computer I want to click, and I can email, bank, shop, and now message the world via Twitter.

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