Knowing Your Skin Cancer Risk to Limit Unhealthy Behaviors


Using knowledge from the Rochester Epidemiology Project, researchers developed the Olmsted County Healthy Skin Study. This examine examined the position of tanning mattress use in individuals who knew concerning the threat of pores and skin most cancers.

The examine findings are most individuals within the examine have been feminine and had a earlier historical past of tanning mattress use. People with a earlier historical past of tanning mattress use considered their pores and skin most cancers threat to be increased than friends who didn’t use a tanning mattress.

People on this examine had an applicable data base of their pores and skin most cancers threat.

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These findings display that people who have been at increased threat for pores and skin most cancers not solely had an correct self-assessment of their threat however have been additionally unlikely to make use of a tanning mattress throughout the subsequent 12 months.

“Melanoma is on the rise. We also know that tanning beds play a significant factor in melanoma development. In this study, it was nice to see that having an accurate perception of skin cancer and a perceived high risk of skin cancer development was associated with a less chance of tanning bed use within the next year,” says Dr. Brewer.

While extra analysis is required, examine findings point out that an understanding of potential most cancers threat is related to conduct modification in the case of tanning mattress use.

More research would assist make clear among the questions relating to pores and skin most cancers threat, perceived threat, and what precisely predicts conduct modification about pores and skin most cancers improvement.

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