Long COVID Affects Children, Teenagers


The findings, revealed on the preprint web site Research Square, confirmed that when surveyed at a median of 15 weeks after their take a look at, 14 per cent extra younger folks within the take a look at optimistic group had three or extra signs of ailing well being, together with uncommon tiredness and complications, than these within the take a look at adverse group, whereas 7 per cent (one in 14) extra had 5 or extra signs.

‘There is consistent evidence that some teenagers will have persisting symptoms after testing positive for SARS-CoV-2. The study supports this evidence, with headaches and unusual tiredness the most common complaints. ’

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“The difference between the positive and negative groups is greater if we look at multiple symptoms, with those who had a positive test twice as likely to report three or more symptoms 15 weeks later. This suggests that the number of symptoms should be considered when clinicians seek to define long Covid in children,” he added.

The examine additionally followed-up the youngsters for as much as two years which confirmed that there was no distinction in psychological well being and wellbeing scores between kids who examined optimistic in comparison with those that examined adverse, however a excessive proportion in each teams reported being a bit or very apprehensive, unhappy or sad (41 per cent of people that examined optimistic versus 39 per cent of those that examined adverse).

Source: IANS

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