National Melanoma Screening Program Outline



While there are most cancers screening packages for bowel, breast, and cervical most cancers, there isn’t a program for melanoma.

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Researchers would use total physique imaging machines, which create a 3D avatar of every affected person, to trace and detect modifications to spots on the pores and skin. They would additionally examine the sufferers’ genetics by way of saliva testing.

Participants will full a web based melanoma danger evaluation questionnaire primarily based on info corresponding to age, gender, pores and skin coloration, tanning skill, and freckling tendency, as a part of the venture.

“This research program will answer some key questions about who needs skin screening, how often people should be screened, the most trustworthy and cost-effective risk-tailored screening pathways, and the role of digital technologies in improving the screening examination”, mentioned Professor Janda from the UQ Centre for Health Services Research.

Studies have proven that individuals who have had pores and skin examinations over the previous three years usually tend to have thinner and subsequently, melanomas are extra curable.

Researchers are notably concerned with folks volunteering for the examine who don’t consider they’re vulnerable to melanoma.

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