New AI Algorithm Improves Brain Disease Treatment



‘A newly developed artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm guides the placement of electrodes to treat network brain diseases.’

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Research workforce collaborated with a global skilled in synthetic intelligence (AI) algorithms to develop a brand new sort of algorithm referred to as “basis profile curve identification”, that characterizes how assemblies of inputs converge in human mind areas didn’t exist within the scientific literature.

Every electrode interplay in a affected person with a mind tumor resulted in a whole lot to 1000’s of time factors to be studied utilizing the brand new algorithm. The examine findings are revealed in PLOS Computational Biology.

“Our findings show that this new type of algorithm may help us understand which brain regions directly interact with one another, which in turn may help guide placement of electrodes for stimulating devices to treat network brain diseases,” says Kai Miller, M.D., Ph.D., a Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon and first creator of the examine.

In the examine, researchers additionally offered a downloadable code bundle in order that others could discover the approach. Sharing this developed code is a core a part of researcher’s efforts to assist reproducibility of analysis.

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