New Component to Treat Lung Lesions Created

New Component to Treat Lung Lesions Created

A brand new sequence of chemical mixtures that suppress extreme lung irritation has been found by scientists.

Due to the event, new medicines for extreme types of influenza and COVID-19 could seem on the pharmaceutical market. But in contrast to analogues, these compounds don’t suppress immunity. The outcomes of the research are printed within the journal Pharmaceuticals.

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‘The results of the study will provide new safe drugs to combat viral diseases. Primarily with severe influenza and COVID-19.’

Specialists from the UrFU have created a technique for the synthesis of latest chemical compounds. They comprise azoloazine heterocycles, substances that may inhibit the exercise of interleukin-6. This is a bunch of molecules that play an essential function within the immune response. However, based on scientists, in some circumstances, an extra of interleukin causes uncontrolled irritation, tissue destruction and threatens the lives of sufferers. New compounds will assist comprise this harmful response.

Lung Inflammation

“In general, the direction of our research is more fundamental, but we can create an applied product based on this knowledge. Thanks to our initial fundamental research, a number of medicines have already entered the pharmaceutical market,” says Konstantin Savateev, a researcher on the Laboratory of Organic Synthesis of UrFU.

The therapeutic impact of heterocycles was confirmed by specialists from the Volgograd State Medical University. They noticed experimental animals and carried out histological research of their lungs. The mice have been injected with new compounds and a particular toxin that precipitated irritation. The identical happens with extreme lung injury, the scientists famous.


Currently, the substance dexamethasone is utilized in medication. It depresses the immune system, which in some circumstances is an undesirable aspect impact. The new compounds present anti-inflammatory results on the extent of dexamethasone, however don’t suppress immunity.

In the longer term, scientists will analyze the outcomes of the research to determine fragments of the molecule on which the anti-inflammatory impact relies upon. With these knowledge, new heterocycles with even stronger properties could be synthesized. After that, the specialists plan to maneuver on to the creation of a drug with an software for preclinical trials.

Source: Eurekalert


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