New multi-policy-based annealer for fixing real-world combinatorial optimization issues

New multi-policy-based annealer for solving real-world combinatorial optimization problems

Credit: Tokyo Institute of Technology

A totally-connected annealer extendable to a multi-chip system and that includes a multi-policy mechanism has been designed by Tokyo Tech researchers to resolve a broad class of combinatorial optimization (CO) issues related to real-world eventualities rapidly and effectively. Named Amorphica, the annealer has the flexibility to fine-tune parameters in response to a particular goal CO downside and has potential functions in logistics, finance, machine studying, and so forth.

The modern world has grown accustomed to an environment friendly supply of products proper at our doorsteps. But do you know that realizing such an effectivity requires fixing a mathematical downside, specifically what’s the very best route between all of the locations? Known because the “traveling salesman problem,” this belongs to a category of mathematical issues referred to as “combinatorial optimization” (CO) issues.

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As the variety of locations will increase, the variety of potential routes grows exponentially, and a brute power technique primarily based on exhaustive seek for one of the best route turns into impractical. Instead, an method referred to as “annealing computation” is adopted to seek out one of the best route rapidly with out an exhaustive search.

Yet, a numerical research finished by Tokyo Tech researchers has proven that whereas there exists many annealing computation strategies, there isn’t a one technique appropriate for fixing a broad class of CO issues. Therefore, there’s a want for an annealing mechanism that options a number of annealing strategies (a multi-policy mechanism) to focus on quite a lot of such issues.

Fortunately, the identical group of researchers, led by Assistant Professor Kazushi Kawamura and Professor Masato Motomura from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), have reported a brand new annealer that options such a multi-policy method or “metamorphic annealing.” Their findings are printed in Proceeding of ISSCC2023 and might be introduced within the upcoming 2023 International Solid-State Circuits Conference.

“In the annealing computation, a CO problem is represented as an energy function in terms of (pseudo) spin vectors. We start from an initially randomized spin vector configuration and then update it stochastically to find the minimum energy states by reducing its (pseudo) temperature. This closely mirrors the annealing process of metals where hot metals are cooled down in a controlled manner,” explains Dr. Kawamura. “Our annealer named Amorphica features multiple annealing methods, including a new one proposed by our team. This provides it the ability to adopt the annealing method to the specific CO problem at hand.”

The group designed Amorphica to deal with the restrictions of earlier annealers, specifically that their applicability is restricted to just a few CO issues. This is firstly as a consequence of the truth that these annealers are local-connection ones, that means they will solely cope with spin fashions having native inter-spin coupling. Another cause is that they don’t have flexibility when it comes to annealing strategies and parameter management. These points have been solved in Amorphica by using a full-connection spin mannequin and incorporating finely controllable annealing strategies and parameters. In addition, the group launched a brand new annealing coverage referred to as “ratio-controlled parallel annealing” to enhance the convergence pace and stability of current annealing strategies.

Additionally, Amorphica could be prolonged to a multi-chip, full-connection system with lowered inter-chip information switch. On testing Amorphica in opposition to a GPU, the researchers discovered that it was as much as 58 instances sooner whereas utilizing solely (1/500) power consumption, that means it achieves round 30k instances extra power environment friendly.

“With a full-connection annealer like Amorphica, we can now deal with arbitrary topologies and densities of inter-spin couplings, even when they are irregular. This, in turn, would allow us to solve real-world CO problems such as those related to logistics, finance, and machine learning,” concludes Prof. Motomura.

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Amorphica: 4-Replica 512 Fully Connected Spin 336MHz Metamorphic Annealer with Programmable Optimization Strategy and Compressed-Spin-Transfer Multi-Chip Extension, Proceeding of ISSCC2023.


New multi-policy-based annealer for fixing real-world combinatorial optimization issues (2023, February 17)
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