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New single-atom catalysis boots reductive amination response

Schematic illustration for preparation of Ru1/NC-T catalysts. Credit: DICP

The geometric isolation of metallic species in single-atom catalysis (SACs) not solely maximizes the atomic utilization effectivity, but in addition endows SACs with distinctive selectivity in numerous transformations.

The coordination setting of remoted metallic atoms in SACs determines the . However, it stays difficult to modulate the coordinative construction whereas nonetheless preserve the single-atom dispersion.

Recently, a analysis group led by Prof. Zhang Tao and Prof. Wang Aiqin from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences fabricated Ru1/NC SAC with good catalytic exercise, selectivity and stability in reductive amination of biomass derived aldehydes/ketones to provide major amines, and elucidated the structure-performance relationships from the atomic/.

This research was printed in Nature Communications on June 2.

The researchers ready Ru1/NC SAC in the direction of the goal response, and found that each and selectivity elevated with the lower of Ru-N coordination numbers. Particularly, Ru1/NC SAC with Ru1-N3 moiety provided the most effective catalytic efficiency, which was a lot superior to the ever reported nanoparticulate and homogeneous Ru catalysts.

Moreover, Ru1/NC offered wonderful sturdiness towards poisoning by CO or sulfur-containing compounds, and the single-atom dispersion was properly maintained even after discount below excessive circumstances.

New single-atom catalysis boots reductive amination reaction
Highly selective and strong single-atom catalyst R1/NC for reductive amination of aldehydes/ketones. Credit: DICP

Scientists reveal synergistic effects in dual single-atom catalyst

More info:
Haifeng Qi et al, Highly selective and strong single-atom catalyst Ru1/NC for reductive amination of aldehydes/ketones, Nature Communications (2021). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-23429-w

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