New Way to Diagnose and Test Treatment for Lewy Body Dementia


motion points, and visible hallucinations.

“The findings from this study are significant not only as they bring us closer to finding out why nerve cells die in Lewy body dementia, but also importantly, pave the way towards sensitive and accurate testing for the disease,” says Dr. Kurzawa-Akanbi of the Newcastle University Biosciences Institute.

Lewy Body Dementia and Fats

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Changes in a gene known as glucocerebrosidase (GBA – breaks down sure sorts of fat within the mind) is commonly encountered in individuals with dementia with Lewy our bodies. However, the mechanism stays unclear.

It was discovered that particular fat known as ceramides are elevated in mind tissue samples from individuals who had Lewy physique dementia. Moreover, the elevated quantities of ceramides have been present in everybody with Lewy physique dementia rat, and never solely in these individuals who had adjustments in GBA.

The ceramide fat have been additionally extremely elevated in small particles known as extracellular vesicles (EVs). This exhibits that these adjustments in ceramides could be a novel characteristic of all sorts of Lewy physique illness, which additionally consists of circumstances corresponding to Parkinson’s.

“This is a very exciting discovery that will give hope to the many thousands of families affected by Lewy body dementia (LBD)”, says Jacqueline Cannon, Chief Executive of The Lewy Body Society.

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