Personalized T Cell Immunotherapy For Pediatric Brain Tumors


(malignant mind tumor) in youngsters.

This will be completed by coaching sufferers’ personal T cells to acknowledge their tumor’s distinctive neoantigens and are then reinfused again into the affected person. The staff is additional designing a phase I scientific trial that’s scheduled to open in 12-18 months.

“This work is an incredibly exciting advancement in personalized medicine. It will allow us to treat patients with a novel T cell therapy that is developed for each individual patient to specifically attack and kill their tumor. This treatment will offer a potential option for children with hard-to-treat brain tumors for which all other therapeutic options have been exhausted,” says Catherine Bollard, M.D., M.B.Ch.B., director of the Center for Cancer and Immunology Research at Children’s National and co-senior creator on the paper.

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