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Plastic Consumer Products May Boost Obesity

, as a result of it’s low cost. At the identical time, plastic merchandise comprise 1000’s of various chemical compounds, which can have an effect on the physique’s


“Our experiments show that ordinary plastic products contain a mix of substances that can be a relevant and underestimated factor behind overweight and obesity,”
says Martin Wagner, an affiliate professor at NTNU’s Department of Biology.

In this new examine, 34 completely different plastic merchandise had been used within the laboratory to see which chemical compounds they contained. These merchandise are utilized in day by day life like yogurt containers, drinking bottles, and kitchen sponges.

Researchers then discovered over 50,000 completely different chemical elements in these merchandise and recognized 629 chemical substances. Eleven chemical compounds out of those 629 substances are recognized to intrude with the metabolism, and they’re referred to as metabolism-disrupting chemical compounds.

Experts for a very long time believed that the majority plastic chemical compounds would keep within the materials, however the current examine reveals that plastic merchandise leak a lot of chemical compounds and allow them to enter the physique.

Previous analysis additionally means that some plastic merchandise comprise endocrine-disrupting chemicals that will have an effect on improvement and fertility. Now it seems that they could have an effect on the metabolism as effectively.

Chemicals from one-third of the plastic merchandise investigated within the new examine below laboratory circumstances had been discovered to contribute to fats cell improvement.

These chemical substances reprogramed precursor cells to change into fats cells that proliferate and accumulate extra fats within the physique.

Only some plastic merchandise contained these metabolism-disrupting chemical compounds. This signifies that plastic chemical compounds that are at the moment unidentified additionally intrude with the best way the physique shops fats and contributes to obesity.
Overweight and obesity are the commonest causes of lethal ailments reminiscent of cardiovascular disease and most cancers. They can even improve the susceptibility to numerous infections, and exaggerate their results.

Around two billion individuals on the planet are obese, and roughly 650 million of them fall into the overweight class. The downside is rising. The causes behind weight problems are complicated, however chemical compounds current in plastic could be a contributing issue that we’ve not beforehand thought of.

These chemical compounds embody phthalates and bisphenols, however the brand new examine reveals that there are a lot of extra substances that set off these problematic results.

How to Reduce Plastic Consumption at Home?

  • Avoid cellophane-wrapped merchandise and search for different eco-friendly alternate options.

  • Store the leftovers with silicone covers as a substitute of plastic ones.
  • Upcycle glassware as a substitute of plastic containers.

  • Avoid tea bags and use a tea strainer.

  • Use reusable luggage.

  • Avoid disposables and search for different alternate options reminiscent of paper, fabric.

Let’s go inexperienced and use much less plastic to enhance air high quality.


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