Pregnancy Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer: Notion Reinforced


NKT cells are a kind of distinctive immune cells that take part in each fundamental kinds of immunity responses—innate response (assault any international molecule when encountered) and adaptive response (immune response on calls).

Link between Pregnancy and Brest Cancer

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In post-pregnancy, “there is an increase in this specific [NKT] cell type, and only in the mammary gland. We don’t see the expansion everywhere else in the body, even though NKT cells are present everywhere else in the body,” says CSHL graduate scholar Amritha Varshini Hanasoge Somasundara.

Further to validate the outcomes, the staff discovered that in mice after being pregnant, the breast epithelial cells (which line lactation ducts) produce a selected protein known as CD1d, with out which there was no improve in NKT cells.

Moreover, absence of NKT cells led to the cancerous formation of the epithelial cells. Hence, the staff affirmed that CD1d molecules had been accountable for inviting within the NKT cells for additional monitoring the epithelial cells within the breast tissue for tumors after being pregnant.

The staff is now additional set to discover the leads to people.

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