Pregnant Women With Allergy Should be Tested to Down Antibiotic Exposure


“Eight of the 25 patients had uncomplicated pregnancies and therefore had no need for penicillin during their pregnancy. Two of the pregnant women received antibiotics prior to completion of a graded oral challenge because of unexpected skin lacerations related to vaginal delivery.

Thirteen tested positive for Group B Strep (GBS) and underwent both skin testing and an oral challenge, followed by receiving penicillin during labor.”

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Only those pregnant women who tested positive for GBS or who needed penicillin underwent an oral amoxicillin challenge. GBS is a type of bacteria sometimes found in pregnant women. GBS usually doesn’t cause health problems but can be harmful to newborns.

“Penicillin allergy testing is important for anyone who was given a penicillin allergy label as a child, and still carries it as an adult,” said allergist Mariana Castells, MD, PhD, chair of the ACAAI Task Force on Drug Allergy.

“A pregnant woman with GBS may need penicillin for treatment. If she is labelled as allergic, she will be offered a less effective, and possibly more harmful antibiotic. It is important to have penicillin de-labeling ahead of the need for penicillin.”

An allergist can work with you to find out if you’re truly allergic to penicillin, and to determine what your options are for treatment if you are. If you’re not, you’ll be able to use medications that are safer, often more effective, and less expensive

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