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Quantum-encrypted info transmitted over fiber greater than 600 kilometers lengthy

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

By implementing a brand new sign stabilization approach, researchers have been in a position to obtain safe quantum communication over a report 605 kilometers of fiber utilizing the twin-field quantum key distribution (QKD) protocol. The new demonstration paves the best way for transmitting extremely safe, quantum-encrypted info over lengthy distances, akin to between cities.

Mirko Pittaluga from Toshiba Europe Limited and the University of Leeds, each within the UK, will current the analysis on the Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science Conference (FiO LS) all-virtual meeting.

“This research extends the range of fiber-based quantum communications beyond 600km for the first time, and we think the techniques we have introduced here may be relevant for other phase-sensitive single-photon applications,” mentioned Mirko Pittaluga. “This will allow us to build national and continental scale fiber networks connecting major metropolitan areas. Together with satellite links, we can now envisage truly global quantum networks,” continued Andrew Shields, head of the quantum know-how division at Toshiba Europe.

QKD permits two customers in different places to determine a typical secret string of bits by exchanging photons that are sometimes transmitted over an optical fiber. Achieving transmission over lengthy distances is likely one of the greatest challenges for sensible implementation of quantum communication as a result of there’s a basic restrict to how far the photons can journey earlier than the sign degrades on account of scattering or absorption. While optical repeaters resolve this downside for conventional fiber optic information transmission, it has confirmed tough to create a dependable repeater for quantum encoded info.

The newly developed twin-field QKD protocol has the potential to beat the gap limitation, however new strategies are wanted to make use of it with fiber lengths over 500 kilometers. In the brand new work, the researchers developed an experimental setup and phase stabilization approach for twin-field QKD. The stabilization method, which relies on wavelength division multiplexing, makes use of two optical reference indicators at completely different wavelengths to attenuate the phase fluctuations over lengthy distances.

The analysis crew demonstrated that the brand new method might accomplish repeater-like efficiency whereas tolerating optical losses past the normal restrict of 100 dB over a 605-kilometer-long quantum channel. They have been additionally in a position to check completely different variants of the TF-QKD protocol. The new stabilization method is also utilized to different quantum communication protocols and functions akin to enhancing interferometric telescopes.

These outcomes have been obtained in a laboratory setting, however just lately obtained experimental proof confirms the applicability of this stabilization approach on field-deployed fibers. The crew is now working to carry out a discipline trial check.

Demonstration of quantum communication over optical fibers exceeding 600 km

More info:
Conference: www.frontiersinoptics.com/home/

Pittaluga’s presentation is scheduled for Monday, 01 November at 07:00 EDT (UTC—04:00).

Quantum-encrypted info transmitted over fiber greater than 600 kilometers lengthy (2021, October 21)
retrieved 21 October 2021
from https://phys.org/news/2021-10-quantum-encrypted-transmitted-fiber-kilometers.html

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