Recovery Timeline of Concussion Redefined!


The current research was carried out on 34,709 female and male athletes from 30 faculties and universities. And greater than 1,700 of the contributors have been concussed whereas collaborating in 22 sports activities.

‘Recovery timeline of concussion could also be redefined to twenty-eight days, as per a brand new research carried out on faculty athletes. This would assist keep away from stigmatizing concussed athletes who take longer than 14 days to get better.

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Recovery Period and Concussion

“Normal return-to-play time was previously set at 14 days–meaning 50% of people recovered in that time. Our paper suggests that 28 days more fully encapsulates the recovery process. At that point, 85% of people have returned to play,” says the research’s lead researcher, Steve Broglio, director of the University of Michigan Concussion Center, and a part of the CARE Consortium management staff.

The athletes’ returns to play (RTP) protocols are usually pushed by their signs, and never reasonably the time. Hence the research states that the discovering would not demand the colleges to revise their return to play protocols; however reasonably reframe their expectations for return to play.

This would assist evade disgracing concussed athletes who take longer than 14 days to get better. Moreover, the larger restoration interval was famous primarily amongst these with preliminary post-injury symptom severity, follow/training-related accidents, and three or extra prior concussions.

“Back when I started in concussion research 20 years ago, we’d manage these injuries with a light switch. We’d ask, ‘Do you have symptoms?’ and if the answer was no, the athlete was put back on the field. Gone are the days when concussed athletes are put back in the same day. Now, we can think of it as a dial, where we slowly progress people back into the sport. Once a player is asymptomatic, it can still take some time. We have to respect the injury and respect the recovery process,” says, Broglio.

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