Researchers acquire new outcomes on knockout reactions at HIRFL-CSR


Isospin asymmetry dependence of the ratio of experimental to theoretical single-nucleon knockout cross sections. The hatched space denotes the systematics from experiments of intermediate vitality (Physical Review C

Researchers from the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and their collaborators have systematically measured the knockout cross sections of neutron-rich carbon isotopes on the intermediate- to high-energy area by utilizing the External Target Facility (ETF) of the Cooler Storage Ring (CSR) on the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL).

Knockout reactions induced by gentle nuclear targets have been demonstrated to be a strong device for probing the single-particle construction of uncommon isotopes away from the soundness line. Spectroscopic elements for unstable isotopes have been studied by utilizing knockout reactions at intermediate energies under 100 MeV/u. It is discovered that the measured spectroscopic elements for strongly-bound nucleon knockout are far lower than thosecalculated by the response mannequin.

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The excessive energy of the beam is essential for the applicability of the response mannequin that makes use of the sudden and eikonal approximations. Therefore, it might be of necessary worth to check these reactions at increased beam energies.

The radioactive ion beam line RIBLL2 at HIRFL-CSR is among the few amenities all over the world that may present radioactive ion beams at intermediate- to high-energy (200-1000 MeV/u). In this work, neutron-rich 14-16C beams close to ~240 MeV/u have been produced by RIBLL2.

The researchers studied knockout reactions induced by these neutron-rich isotopes with the large-acceptance magnetic spectrometer ETF. The beam-energy dependence of the discount on the extracted spectroscopic energy was additionally studied.

The one-nucleon knockout outcomes point out that the extracted spectroscopic elements would not have evident dependence on beam vitality and suggest that the deduced spectroscopic elements are strong to modifications in beam vitality on the intermediate vitality area. This provides additional confidence to the applying of the eikonal mannequin in knockout reactions at beam energies of close to or above 100 MeV/u.

The consequence was printed in Physical Review C.

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More data:
Y. Z. Sun et al, Single-neutron removing from C14,15,16 close to 240 MeV/nucleon, Physical Review C (2021). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.104.014310

Researchers acquire new outcomes on knockout reactions at HIRFL-CSR (2021, September 6)
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