Researchers Identify Molecule That Blocks COVID-19 Infection


, belongs to a category of compounds often called RNA aptamers and relies on the identical kind of constructing blocks which can be used for mRNA vaccines.

An aptamer is a chunk of genetic materials DNA or RNA that folds into a 3 dimensional (3D) construction that may recognise a particular goal molecule of curiosity.

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By attaching itself to the virus floor, the RNA aptamer prevents the spike protein from serving as a key that enables the virus to enter a cell, the researchers stated.

The RNA aptamer isn’t a brand new kind of vaccine however a compound that may doubtlessly cease the virus from spreading within the physique as soon as somebody is uncovered to the virus, they stated.

The environment friendly binding to SARS-CoV-2 virus additionally signifies that the aptamer can be utilized to check for COVID-19 an infection, based on the researchers.

“We have started testing the new aptamer in rapid tests and we expect to be able to detect very low concentrations of the virus,” stated research lead creator Jorgen.

Studies in cell tradition present that the aptamer works in opposition to the earlier variants of coronavirus that the researchers examined.

“Since we submitted the article for peer review, we have continued our studies and been able to show that it also recognises the Delta variant,” Kjems famous.

“Now we are waiting for samples of the newly identified variant, Omicron, so we can test whether the aptamer also recognises that,” he stated.

Due to its small measurement and chemical stability, the newly developed aptamer holds potential as an alternative choice to antibodies and nanobodies concentrating on spike protein, the researchers added.

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