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Rethinking Anakin Skywalker: How Star Wars has didn’t correctly discover its most important character

There is a scene in Attack of the Clones that reveals early how conflicted the prophesied one is. During a scene the place Anakin is alone with Padme, as they put together to depart for Naboo, the padawan is contemplating his grasp Obi-Wan: “[he’s] as wise as Master Yoda and as powerful as Master Windu,” he says, whereas Force levitating a stone. But in a short time he veers off and rants about his mentor, about how he’s holding him again. It’s this mixture of tenderness and pridefulness that’s simply so Anakin. 

Hayden Christensen’s efficiency as Anakin was derided on the time: thought of considerably picket and unskilled, and watching it immediately it will probably appear his face by no means fairly matches together with his eyes. Indeed, our personal Star Wars movies, ranked information has the three prequels down on the backside. Yet, with the lengthy years which have handed, retrospect has modified issues and transmuted opinion. Because, my goodness, does Anakin Skywalker have emotions. He has so many feelings. An actor much less picket might’ve chewed the surroundings attempting to emote that a lot. 

It was nice to see Christensen again within the position within the Disney Plus collection Obi-Wan Kenobi. While some followers discovered it too gradual and plodding to start with, I loved the feel, the time to be alone with McGregor’s dour face, and the gloomy environment. I too felt the self-imposed loneliness, the stoicism barely masking the guilt and the grief. But it was the ending that was really spectacular. Most of all, one picture from the collection has stayed with me, haunting my thoughts like a Sith thoughts trick. It happens within the finale. 

(Image credit score: Disney)

After Obi-Wan has began to dwell much less on the previous and reside extra within the current, because of the sprightly younger Leia, and begun to solid apart his guilt, his powers return; nay, he even seems to develop stronger. At the showdown together with his former padawan within the Obi-Wan Kenobi finale, he is ready to defeat the highly effective Skywalker, not solely together with his higher canniness, however together with his Force strengths. Darth Vader’s masks is damaged and we will see inside, peering at a face and listening to a voice that’s nonetheless undeniably Anakin but corrupted into Vader. 

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