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Scientists invent lead-free composite shielding materials for neutrons and gamma-rays

Schematic diagram of defending mechanism of modified nano composite shielding materials. Credit: Huo Zhiping

Dr. Huo Zhipeng and his pupil Zhao Sheng from the Hefei Institutes of bodily science (HFIPS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences not too long ago developed a lead-free neutron and gamma ray composite shielding materials that has excessive shielding properties and is environmentally pleasant. Their outcomes have been printed in Nuclear Materials and Energy.

The composite, modified-gadolinium oxide// (Gd2O3/B4C/HDPE), was examined protected and efficient to defend neutron and gamma rays by a collection of intricate and complete experiments.

Neutron, as an electrically impartial particle, has a powerful penetrability and at all times emits secondary throughout particle collision course of. The scientific and environment friendly scheme of defending neutron is to pick out excessive Z (atomic quantity), low Z supplies, and neutron absorbing supplies concurrently for mixed shielding. However, lead-containing supplies are restricted in software with organic toxicity.

Rare earth ingredient gadolinium, often exists within the type of non-toxic Gd2O3 in nature, has at all times proven excessive common thermal neutron absorption, excessive temperature resistance and good gamma shielding efficiency.   

The researchers studied the shielding mechanism first, after which adopted the coupling brokers to change the floor of Gd2O3 to enhance the interfacial compatibility and dispersion of Gd2O3 within the matrix.

“It is lead-free and poses no threat to the environment or humans,” stated Dr. Huo, who has been engaged in radiation and environmental safety for years. 

He additional defined how this radiation shielding system labored. Fast neutrons collide with gadolinium (Gd) inelastically, and collide elastically with hydrogen till they change into thermal neutrons, lastly, absorbed by excessive Z ingredient Gd and boron.

The present that the neutron shielding price of the composite can attain 98% beneath the situation of 15 cm thickness in CF-252 surroundings. In cS-137 and CO-60 environments, the gamma shielding charges of the composite are 72% and 60%, respectively, on the identical thickness.   

Its complete shielding efficiency is healthier than standard boron-polyethylene collimating shielding, and it’s appropriate for neutron spectrum and gamma spectrum analysis system of Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST). It is predicted to be a promising radiation shielding materials for neutron-gamma blended fields, in response to the researchers.

A new polythene-B4C based concrete for shielding

More info:
Zhipeng Huo et al, Surface modified-gadolinium/boron/polyethylene composite with excessive shielding efficiency for neutron and gamma-ray, Nuclear Materials and Energy (2021). DOI: 10.1016/j.nme.2021.101095

Scientists invent lead-free composite shielding materials for neutrons and gamma-rays (2021, December 23)
retrieved 23 December 2021
from https://phys.org/news/2021-12-scientists-lead-free-composite-shielding-material.html

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