Short Menstrual Cycle might Signal Early Menopause

Short Menstrual Cycle may Signal Early Menopause

A brand new research means that menstrual-cycle size might predict the severity of menopause signs, in addition to the age at menopause. Study outcomes are printed on-line at the moment in

, the journal of The North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

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The menopause transition is commonly accompanied by signs corresponding to scorching flashes, melancholy and anxiousness, cognitive modifications, and disturbances of sleep period and high quality. Traditional threat elements for menopause signs embody demographic (age and ethnicity) and several other modifiable life-style elements corresponding to physique mass index (BMI), smoking, and bodily exercise.

Emerging information counsel that reproductive traits and circumstances throughout reproductive age could also be related to menopause signs, though research outcomes are contradictory. For instance, in contrast with postmenopausal girls with common menstrual-cycle lengths, a historical past of irregular cycles was related to diminished late-life depressive signs in Chinese and better extreme depressive signs in French postmenopausal girls.

Short Menstrual Cycle an Indicator of Early Menopause?

Researchers on this new research involving greater than 600 girls sought to analyze the extent to which self-reported menstrual-cycle size throughout the reproductive years is related to menopause signs in midlife girls. Compared with girls with regular menstrual-cycle size (26-34 days), these with quick menstrual cycles (


Specifically, girls with quick menstrual cycles had greater odds of midlife sleep issues, coronary heart discomfort, and depressive signs. In addition, these identical girls had greater pre-pregnancy BMI.

Because of the restricted literature on this subject, the researchers counsel that additional research are warranted, particularly research that individually consider girls with common cycle lengths of fewer than 21 days.

Study outcomes are printed within the article “Self-reported menstrual cycle length during reproductive years in relation to menopausal symptoms at midlife in Project Viva.”

“The menstrual cycle is a biologic marker of overall health. This study finds that a shorter menstrual-cycle length during a woman’s reproductive years is a window into her future midlife health. It will be important to validate these findings and understand the potential mechanism involved,” says Dr. Chrisandra Shufelt, NAMS president.


1. Self-reported menstrual cycle size throughout reproductive years in relation to menopausal signs at midlife in Project Viva – (

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