Spotify teams up with Shopify to allow in-app merch purchases


Remi Wolf, seen here performing in Los Angeles in June 2021, called the Shopify-Spotify deal allowing the sale of merchandise on Spotify “huge”

Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify announced Wednesday a partnership with music streaming giant Spotify that will allow in-app sales of artists’ merchandise.

The tie-in comes just two months after the Ottawa-based company reached a similar deal with video-sharing app TikTok.

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In a statement, Shopify said musicians would be able to connect their Shopify store directly to their Spotify profile, so listeners can buy merchandise on the same Spotify page where they can find their latest music.

Shopify’s director of product Amir Kabbara said artists are increasingly entrepreneurial in building “multifaceted brands and businesses, and now we’re making it easier for them to meet fans where they are.”

With this, he said, “we’re empowering artists to think beyond the traditional merch table with new ways to monetize, and to experiment with their brands through commerce.”

The service will be available to listeners in the United States and Canada, as well as in Australia, Britain, and New Zealand.

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