‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4, Episode 4 ends with a shock you will not see coming


“Star Trek: Discovery” continuously comes below dialogue and selections made within the writers’ room proceed to divide followers, extra so — it is protected to say — than every other incarnation of the longest-running science fiction franchise in historical past. And some on social media declare that “Discovery” is not true “Trek” (no matter meaning). However, I just lately had purpose to return and rewatch a few of Season 1 and the distinction between what we watched again in October 2017 and what we’re watching now could be stark. Despite the disruption and revolving door of showrunners behind the scenes, from starting to finish, it’s extra pleasant than any season of “Discovery” we have seen since. 

Once we’re previous the recap, which makes last week’s episode appear significantly better than it really was, this week’s installment, titled “All Is Possible,” opens with a wonderful establishing shot of the Discovery’s hull that morphs into the hall ceiling. It’s paying homage to simply considered one of many beautiful comparable photographs used within the first season, on this explicit occasion, the long-distance zoom-in from the episode “Context is for Kings” (Season 1, Episode 3). 

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