Stillbirth is Not the Mothers Fault Heres Why

Stillbirth is Not the Mothers Fault  Heres Why

,” Professor Smith said.

The tool arrived following the discovery the team made in 2019, identifying that unexplained stillbirth is often the result of ‘aging of the placenta’. This aging process is complex and not affected by the behavior of the mother.

People are not aware that the placenta is an organ of the baby, not the mother. As such, the mother has very little, to no control over that organ. She can’t prevent aging from happening.

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The video, ‘We are all born of the stars,’ and the accompanying article has been published in the prestigious American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

While scientists generally work with journals to communicate research with doctors and other researchers, this video has been primarily created to communicate directly with the patients themselves.

Anger, shame, and guilt are emotions experienced by many parents who have experienced a stillbirth. Whilst these feelings are perfectly normal, they are challenging for parents to navigate.

The scientists at HMRI are continuing to develop blood tests to identify the presence of an aging placenta that will allow delivery of the baby before the baby dies.

They are also working on drugs to help slow the aging of the placenta and hopefully prevent stillbirth.

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