Study Shows How the Female Brain Responds to Genital Touch


The somatosensory cortex devotes mind space to detecting contact for every a part of the physique. But the precise location of the feminine genital subject on this map had been controversial. Previous research produced conflicting outcomes due to much less exact mapping strategies.

Knop et al. used fMRI to map the precise illustration of feminine genitalia by measuring the mind’s response to a membrane vibrating over the clitoral area. The research was designed to take nice care to keep away from any discomfort the contributors may expertise when concentrating on such a delicate physique area. The somatosensory cortex represented the genitals subsequent to the hips, matching the physique’s anatomy.

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However, the exact location different from lady to lady. The thickness of the genital subject different with the frequency of sexual activity, suggesting the area’s construction alters in relation to its use. These outcomes enable for future research inspecting the position of the genital subject in wholesome sexual operate, sexual dysfunction, and particularly within the long-term penalties of sexual abuse.

Based on this exact mapping, future work can now doubtlessly goal the genital illustration for remedy of medical circumstances.

Source: Eurekalert

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