Study unveils dynamic habits of Cu-N-C single-atom catalyst in electrocatalysis


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Atomically dispersed M-N-C (M refers to transition metals) supplies are considered probably the most promising alternate options to the Pt-based precious-metal catalysts for the electrochemical discount of oxygen (ORR). However, the real energetic websites in M-N-C nonetheless stay elusive.

Recently, a joint analysis staff led by Prof. ZHANG Tao, Prof. WANG Aiqin and Prof. YANG Xiaofeng from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) synthetized a uniform and well-defined Cu-N-C single-atom catalyst (Cu-N-C SAC), and unveiled the dynamic habits of Cu-N-C SAC through the ORR course of.

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This research was printed in Journal of the American Chemical Society on August 31. Prof. Li Jianfeng and Prof. Tian Zhongqun from Xiamen University had been additionally concerned within the research.

Local coordination structure of SAC performs an vital function in catalytic efficiency. The energetic website construction in SACs will bear dynamic modifications through the response.

The researchers ready a uniform and well-defined Cu-N4 SAC that exhibited a comparable alkaline ORR exercise to Pt/C. They discovered that the as-prepared Cu-N4 construction in Cu-N4 SAC was firstly remodeled to Cu-N3 construction pushed by the utilized potential, after which to HO-Cu-N2 construction below reaction conditions.

“These results provide a new vision to understand the reaction mechanism of M-N-C SACs as well as a guide to the rational design of more active SACs,” mentioned Prof. WANG Aiqin.

New single-atom catalysis boots reductive amination reaction

More info:
Ji Yang et al, Dynamic Behavior of Single-Atom Catalysts in Electrocatalysis: Identification of Cu-N3 as an Active Site for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2021). DOI: 10.1021/jacs.1c03788

Study unveils dynamic habits of Cu-N-C single-atom catalyst in electrocatalysis (2021, September 9)
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