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Watermelon planting selections contain a number of dangers

Simulated cumulative chance of internet return per acre lower than $0, $0 to $1000, and better than $1000 for watermelon with three fusarium wilt danger ranges and three planting home windows [early (22–28 Feb.), middle (11–17 Mar.), late (28 Mar.–3 Apr.)]; $1/acre = $2.4711/ha. Credit: HortTechnology (2022). DOI: 10.21273/HORTTECH05006-21

Watermelon farmers in Florida think about a number of unsure danger elements when deciding when to transplant watermelon in a subject. Early planting (late February or early March) is related to increased danger of freeze injury and better incidence of fusarium wilt illness, however sometimes finds extra favorable markets. Late planting (late March or early April) can lower the probabilities of freeze injury and ailments to the watermelons however leads to later harvest, which brings decrease costs and better danger of dropping market entry.

Research was carried out by scientists on the University of Florida to check the dangers and returns from early, center, and late planting home windows. Researchers additionally wished to judge whether or not late planting could be a positive technique for managing fusarium wilt illness.

Nine eventualities have been examined, contemplating three transplanting home windows (i.e., early, center, and late) and three fusarium wilt danger ranges (i.e., low, medium, and excessive). The 1-week planting home windows and related 3-week harvest home windows have been recognized based mostly totally on the practices of economic growers. Planting home windows frequent for north Florida growers are 22–28 February (early), 11–17 March (center).The 28 March–3 April (late) window, is much less frequent however is proposed as a technique to scale back fusarium wilt danger.

Harvest home windows are 17 May–6 June (early), 25 May–14 June (center), and a pair of–22 June (late). Typically, a watermelon subject is harvested three or 4 instances over a 3-week interval. The variety of days between transplanting and harvest can fluctuate relying on watermelon selection and rising situations.

Later planting sometimes has fewer days till harvest than earlier planting, however dependable growing-degree-day calculations to estimate days till harvest should not out there. Harvest home windows are decided based mostly on interviews with growers and dates of value reviews for shipments from north Florida packinghouses.

Researchers discovered that the center planting window (mid-March) seems to be the least dangerous, having the bottom probability of unfavorable internet return. Late planting has a better chance of unfavorable internet return than early planting, besides within the highest fusarium wilt danger situation. It was concluded that market elements make early and center planting home windows most favorable in most eventualities.

Further analysis on pre-season fusarium wilt danger assessments may assist inform farmers’ planting selections. Because of market elements, nonetheless, farmers might desire different illness administration methods, somewhat than planting late.

According to writer Kevin Athearn, “Farmers must consider multiple risk factors in choosing planting dates. A simulation analysis of risks and returns for north Florida watermelon growers identifies preferred planting windows. Risk of market losses from late planting appear to outweigh potential benefits of reduced disease risk.”

The analysis is revealed within the journal HortTechnology.

More info:
Kevin Athearn et al, Watermelon Planting Decisions with Multiple Risks: A Simulation Analysis, HortTechnology (2022). DOI: 10.21273/HORTTECH05006-21

Watermelon planting selections contain a number of dangers (2022, December 19)
retrieved 19 December 2022
from https://phys.org/news/2022-12-watermelon-decisions-involve-multiple.html

This doc is topic to copyright. Apart from any honest dealing for the aim of personal examine or analysis, no
half could also be reproduced with out the written permission. The content material is supplied for info functions solely.

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