7 Facts of Planet Venus that You Should Know

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Dr. Swapnil Surwase

March 20, 2024   01:28  PM

Image Credit: NASA

 Venus Spins Clockwise

All planets in the solar system spins anti-clockwise except Venus.

Image Credit: NASA


Bright Object in Night Sky

Venus planet is the second brightest object in the night sky.

Image Credit: NASA


A day on Venus

Venus takes 243 days to complete one orbit. Longest rotation of any planet in solar system.

Image Credit: NASA


Hotter than Mercury

Venus mean temperature is 462 degrees celcius, which makes hotter than Mercury.

Image Credit: NASA


Atmospheric Pressure

Venus has 90 times the atmospheric pressure of Earth. Same as depth of 1 Km in Earth's ocean.

Image Credit: NASA


Atmosphere composition

Atmosphere is made up of 96% of Carbon dioxide, 3.5% Nitrogen, low amount of carbon monoxide, water vapour.

Image Credit: NASA


Possibility of life

At the top of Venus clouds chances of presence of microbial life.

Image Credit: NASA


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